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Explore the Art of Self Healing Through Sound & Energy 

The Journey to Self Renewal

Welcome to the world of Earth Healing through Sound Therapy & Reiki Energy. Our goal is to help individuals find inner peace and love while connecting to Mother Earth. Join our local Sound Baths, or book a personal session. 

     Private Appointment and             Group Events Available

Sound Healing is Effective Alone or Together.

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Celebrations, Bridal parties, Birthday party and Life Celebrations, Corporate Team Building AND MORE

Group Sessions

A great way to get introduced to sound sessions. Join Jackie  at public sessions or book your group privately.

Private Sessions

Sound Healer Jackie B. gives you personal attention dealing with your unique journey, working through stress, pain points, and epigenetic issues.

Looking to Release Unwanted Blocks and Re-Align Yourself?


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning  "universal life energy". It's an ancient healing method that directs energy flow in the body. Reiki is an energy force in and around the body. In these session energy flows through Reiki Master Jackie B. to the receiver of the treatment. Reiki can be Hands On or Hands Off"



Curious about the Power of Sound Therapy Wellness? Try a Sound Bath or Reiki session with Jackie B.. Private and Group Experiences



                                                            Trigger Your Transformation
Deep levels of healing Wellness and transformation are commonly reported after sound healing sessions, as well as a sense of well-being and an increase in energy. Deeper sleep and restfulness are often reported immediately following a sound bath sessions featuring crystal bowls. Testimony reports that pain relief and energy balance as a result of working with tuning forks in personal and focused small group sessions. Reiki / Energy  Healing Sessions are also available and can even be added to a sound session.

At From Earth To Heart Healing, we celebrate the ancient wisdom found in Sound & Energy Healing and seek to share it with all. We provide various styles of healing techniques and aim to incorporate many ancient healing modalities to assist individuals in the self healing process.  Each one on one and group session is customized with heart centered love and intention. Work with Jackie one on one to achieve personal healing and relaxation or book a group sound bath to experience relaxation with loved ones like never before. Each experience allows you to leave feeling lighter than ever with memories you will never forget. Start your personal journey to self healing and book your experience now. 

Private sound bath on the beach.

Browse Our Unique Experiences

Personal Sound Experience

Take a break from life and experience a private sound experience with Sound Practitioner Jackie B. Relax like never before while surrounded by frequencies that aid to heal your body and relax your mind. 

Group Sound Experience

Create a memory you and your loved ones will never forget. Book a group sound bath with family, friends, and co-workers. There is no limit to the memories we can create. 

Family Craft and Sound Bath

Create an experience your family wont soon forget! Work with Jackie B. to build a personalized family experience great for all ages! Relax and enjoy as your family builds bonds, and create memories 

Reiki Energy Healing

Experience a personalized healing session using a hands on or hands off approach. Work with Reiki Master Jackie B, to energetically heal any physical, emotional or psychological imbalances your body may be holding.  


Get to Know Jackie B.

Certified Sound Practitioner and Reiki Master

After living and traveling all over the mid-west I made my dream a reality to live near the ocean. I sold all my belongings and moved to the beautiful beaches of Sarasota County over 7 years ago. After an adventure in culinary school, 10 years in the restaurant industry and starting my own family I was looking for a healing that no doctor or medication could provide. Being a mama and working full-time is no easy feat and i needed a way to let go of the day to day stress. This is where I was called to the world of Sound & Energy Therapy. Helping people runs deep within my heart and after experiencing my own growth and healing from sound experiences, I knew becoming a practitioner was my calling in this lifetime. I received my certification from the International Sound Academy and joined a local energy spa. Immersed in sound and surrounded by some of the greatest teachers I have spent countless hours learning the benefits and science behind sound and energy work. I had the honor of becoming a Reiki Master trained by a local and beautiful soul.  On my path to self healing I have watched it's positive effect on my children and the relationship with my life partner. This is where I grew the idea of bringing heart centered and family oriented mindful activities to Sarasota County. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring families together and help individuals on their journey to self healing. If your interested or have any questions on how I can help you or your family in this holistic healing journey please feel free to contact me today or book your session by clicking the link below.

Light and Love


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